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We provide referrals, assessments and support. We also provide an array of services, which includes domestic violence intervention, teen dating violence intervention, improving healthcare access and educational forums. However, it is imperative to note that our services will not be circumscribed to Muslims alone because many of these same problems affect the larger non-Muslim community as well.

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Cultural Sensitivity Trainings

 The training includes an overview of the Islamic sources of knowledge, the Islamic paradigm regarding family issues, the variations in Islamic practices among Muslims in America, and the differences between religion and culture.

Participants will discover the ways in which culture and religion can create obstacles to service provision.

Workshop objectives include understanding, identifying, and eradicating access barriers, dispelling popular myths, and understanding value difference across cultures to increase effective cross-cultural communication.

Workshop Objectives

Raise awareness among the Muslim leadership and activists about domestic violence. Increase the understanding of the Islamic stance on conflict resolution in marriages, divorce, and family relationships. Begin identifying acceptable and effective interventions, building bridges between religious leaders and professionals in the field.

Begin to identify commonalities and conflicts between Islamic and American law.


Workshop Topics

  • Emotional, Verbal and Physical Abuse
  • Signs of Abuse and How You Can Help
  • Quranic Model of the Muslim Family
  • Impact of Abuse on the Family
  • The Spiraling Effects of Domestic Violence
  • The Mind of the Batterer Real Life Cases
  • Prevention, Intervention, and Conflict Resolution
  • Marriage & Divorce in Islamic and American Law
  • The Muslim Marriage Contract.

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