Baitul Hemayah, Inc., is an organization solely devoted to ending domestic violence in the Muslim, Non-Muslim and Immigrant families by raising awareness for the communities and spiritual leaders by providing cultural sensitivity trainings for professionals and developing resources and conducting research. Sa’idah has held the position as Essex County Domestic Violence Task Force Coordinator while Baitul Hemayah continues to address domestic violence issues, based upon the Quran and the Sunnah and with Islamically grounded programs to engender family dynamics and domestic violence awareness. In addition, Culture Sensitivity Training for service providers and professional’s service Islamic clientele’s provided.


Baitul Hemayah, Inc.’s philosophy relies on incorporating our cultural affinities, or capabilities, and the most empowering practices from both the Quran, Sunnah and American Cultures. The staff offers advice, as well as offering a helping hand and a sisterly ear for the purpose of lending support and circulating information women need to make their own decisions.


Our mission is to empower women in order to confront the cycles of domestic violence, abuse, exploitation and ignorance. We strive to build a movement that works to end violence against women. The mission of Baitul Hemayah, Inc. is to prevent the occurrence of, as well as intervene on behalf of victims of domestic abuse and/or violence to assure that they get all available services and resources intended to ameliorate the consequences to address the cause of domestic abuse and violence.


To provide cultural sensitivity training for service providers and professionals. We continue to conduct research regarding domestic violence in Muslim, Non-Muslim and Immigrant families. Our work will be focused on ending all types of abuse, including emotional, spiritual, physical, sexual and religious abuse in the families.

To develop and disseminate educational resources regarding abuse in the Muslim, Non-Muslim and Immigrant communities.

We Are A Beacon Of Light In Someone’s Darkness.

Meet Your Advocates

Baitul Hemayah was created to make it easier for Muslim and Immigrant women to reach out for help. our staff is focused on activism.

We are all deeply committed advocates for the civil rights of Muslim, Non-Muslim and Immigrant women alike. We work effortlessly on behalf of victims of domestic violence and teen sex trafficking. We have collaborated with many spiritual leaders and communities across the nations.

Workshops are conducted to raise levels of awareness. We have been effective in our efforts to inspire others in the Muslim community to become proactive in their own communities, resulting in the development of domestic violence organizations and victims resources in many Muslim communities.

Abdellah Sudan
Abdellah SudanChairman
Abdellah Sudan is retired from the U.S. Army, 101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He is also retired from General Motors after completing 32 years. Our Chairman has also had the honor and privilege of serving as the UAW, NAACP Northeast Regional President from 2000 – 2008.

Abdellah is presently an armed guard with the largest bank in the state of North Carolina and has remained a passionate advocate for domestic violence victims. He has been with Baitul Hemayah, Inc., actively since November, 2003.

Elham Rabiei, ESQ
Elham Rabiei, ESQVice Chair, Immigration Attorney
Mrs. Rabiei is originally from Iran and has been living in the United States for 14 years. She received her law degree from Charlotte School of Law in December 2014 and acquired her Bachelor of Science degree in political science and Spanish from Middle Tennessee State University in December 2010.

Mrs. Rabiei started working with Baiytul Hemaya in December 2015 to raise awareness about domestic violence within immigrant families. She currently practices immigration law and represents clients in different aspects of immigration including VAWA, U Visa, T Visa, as wells as asylum and removal proceedings at Charlotte Immigration Court.

Farsi Translator

Hallemah Umrani
Hallemah UmraniSecretary
Hallemah Umrani is the Senior Remittance Specialist with The Lash Group. She serves as Baitul Hemayah’s secretary. She have a passion for volunteering and serving the community.
Taheerah Harris
Taheerah HarrisTresurer
Taheerah is currently employed with Genesis of Carolinas Home Care as a Compliance Auditor where she is responsible for performing comprehensive audits by examining personal files, evaluating key administrative and compliance requirements mandated by state and Federal laws.

In her current role, she informs the chief executive officer of audit findings, potential deficiencies, and assists in the development of corrective action plans.

Taheerah has over 15years experience in accounting, holding positions as account manager; bookkeeper; accounts receivable/payable clerk.

Her educational background includes an associate degree in Applied Science as well as an Associate degree in Arts. She 2 Credits away from receiving a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fayetteville State University

Leah HolmesAsst. Secretary
Sa'idah Sudan
Sa'idah SudanExecutive Director, Domestic Violence Specialist
Sa’idah A. Sudan, DVS, is the first and only Muslim woman to be certified as a Domestic Violence Specialist in the entire State of New Jersey. Sa’idah was a hospital Emergency Department Administrator and a Domestic Violence Counselor for 23 years at University Hospital, Newark, NJ. Her certifications from UMDNJ include Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence identification and treatment along with her certification for Domestic violence Specialist with the N.J. Coalition for Battered Women. She is currently working on a second certification with the National Association of Forensic Counselors. Sa’idah is also member of the New Jersey Coalition for Battered Women, previously Domestic Violence Advocacy Council Outreach Coordinator, Charlotte, N.C., and North Carolina Coalition for Domestic Violence, Durham, N.C.

She is the Founder and Domestic Violence Specialist in support of the referral center Baitul Hemayah (Arabic for “House of Protection”) since November, 2003. Sa’idah is also a consultant within the community where she provides individual assessments. She also speaks to students of diverse ethnicity around issues such as teen domestic violence, trauma, drugs, pregnancy, friendship, and academic success.

Sa’idah is currently involved in an organization, a Task Force on Domestic Abuse and Violence Identification, Prevention and Treatment. The goal of this task force is to enable local masajid (Islamic houses of worship) and other religious organizations to establish vehicles to identify prevent and treat domestic abuse and violence.

Sa’idah has moved to Charlotte, N.C. to teach, train and Insha’Allah (God Willing)
become a provider in the domestic violence field.

Faizah Choudhary
Faizah ChoudharyHealth Ed. Coordinator, Community Volunteer
Faizah attended Saint Peters University in Jersey City, NJ. She has received her Masters (MBA) degree in Healthcare Administration and Information systems. She also has her Bachelors degree with a major in Economics. She has worked as a Teacher in an Islamic school in NJ @ ICOB Academy and she volunteered at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. She is now volunteering at CHS University and Refugee Support Services Community. She believes the purpose of life is to be useful, to be compassionate, to be honorable and to make a difference in someone’s life by giving.
Jill Adams
Jill AdamsPlanned Giving Coord, Community Volunteer
Jill Adams is a native of North Carolina living in Davidson, N.C. She received her Bachelor
Degrees in Biology and Nursing as well as her Master’s degree in Nursing from UNCC. She spent the early years of her career as a Nurse Practitioner. For 6 (six) years, she served on the Union county Board of Health. She is now the owner/CEO of Mastery Tutors in Charlotte, N.C.
Niger Hall
Niger HallDirector of Digital Marketing
Niger is a native New Yorker who, along with her husband and 3 darling children, relocated to Charlotte in 2011. She has 6years of experience in the field of digital marketing, a career path that allows her to combine technology and marketing to create awareness for our cause. Her love for Digital Marketing (technology combined marketing) and volunteering has allowed her to become a member of this organization as our Director of Digital Marketing.

Her goal is to provide clients with the best online experience when interacting with Baitul Hemayah, whether via social media or its website. She uses her vast knowledge in digital marketing to use technology to create awareness for our cause.

Niger’s educational background includes an A.A.S in Business Management from UOP, she also holds a current Inbound Marketing Certification and has successfully completed Tech Talent South’s Code Immersion Program for website and app developers.

Deborah Muhammad
Deborah MuhammadHuman Resources Coord, Community Volunteer
Debra Muhammad’s career began at 16 years old and has continued through he work at a hospital supply company. She got into hospital billing in the 1970’s in Chicago. In the early 1980’s she moved to New Jersey and became the pension officer for a municipality with more than 2,000 employees.

In 1992 and 1993 Debra made the pilgrimage to Mecca to complete the Hajj rites. She was and still remains very socially active in the Muslim community by teaching classes and providing connections to for members for much needed resources.

She moved back to Chicago in 1995 and worked for a quasi government agency as a Human Resource Manager and continued to teach Arabic and Islamic studies to adult men and women. In 2005 she returned and in 2006 graduated with a BSN and began a career as a nurse. Debra is the recipient of a monetary scholarship from the Visiting Nurses Association and has worked in home health and community health as part of that scholarship agreement.

She transitioned to floor nursing and Case management and currently supervises a team of social workers, nurses, pharmacists and dietitians who work together to provide resources for patients in need in order to provide the most optimal physical, mental and emotional health.

Debra teaches Arabic and Islamic studies in a Sunday school at a Charlotte mosque. She counsels women with emotional and spiritual needs and provides a mechanism and options for those needs to be met.

Debra is described by her peers as humble, reserved, trustworthy, passionate and caring. “I love helping people and helping people find their life direction and help them clarify what life means to them.”

Jenna Nichols
Jenna NicholsSocial Service Coordinator, Community Volunteer
Jenna Nichols, Ohio native, became a member of the Baitul Hemayah organization in 2015. A graduate of Miami University, Oxford, Ohio with BA in Sociology and earned graduate hours towards Masters Degree in women’s studies.

Her career served in social services includes foster care, adoption, and administering health services programs for women and children. Mrs. Nichols is advocates for women’s health and wellness issues and believes “If you think positive you will live positive.”.

Stephanie Graham-Lyda
Stephanie Graham-LydaCommunity Volunteer
Stephanie is a Chicago native who has volunteered with varies nonprofit organizations over the last 10 years since moving to Charlotte NC.

She received her Masters Degree in Network Communication from Keller Graduate School of Management. Stephanie developed a passion for the nonprofit sector while serving as a membership director and then being promoted to CFO of another local nonprofit. Using her 9 years of banking experience at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. This experience was invaluable. Millions of dollars processed daily to be put back into circulation .

She believes that nonprofit work is about healing for the person giving and receiving those valuable resources to improve the quality of life. One person at a time.

Verdis Michael Smith
Verdis Michael SmithCommunity Volunteer
Verdis is a Chicago-native and attended Craine High School and Technical College. He graduated in 1960, then subsequently attended Craine Technical College to study Electrical Engineering.

Verdis has owned and operated M&S Heating and Air-conditioning service for more than 25 years and has worked as a Charter Bus and Municipal Bus operator for more than 15 years in Chicago.

He currently operates a school bus for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for the past 8 years and is
also volunteering at Muslim Community Center of Charlotte and is a driver for Baitul Hemayah.

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